Racking systems come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Today, we’re tackling Cantilever,  a popular choice for long and heavy  types of product. Get ready, because we are tackling 5 things to know about Cantilever Racking Systems.

1) What Is Cantilever Racking?


Cantilever racking systems are durable, hardwearing storage systems that support long or bulky products. Unlike conventional pallet racking systems, Cantilever does not have an enclosed rack system that supports pallets. It is also open at pick-face, meaning the system is supported at the back and open at the front, making it easier for a forklift to access the product from the front. 


2) Cantilever Is Perfect For Long and Heavy Product 


Due to its design, Cantilever rack is ideal for long and heavy products. Think lumber, pipes or long, narrow products that are ill suited for storage on conventional pallet racking or are otherwise difficult to pick. 


Each Cantilever system is custom designed for your product, taking into account the length, depth and weight per level. This system s great for easy front-loading without obstruction. 


3) Cantilever Is Highly Adaptable For Medium To Extra-Heavy Loads


Cantilever is designed with structural steel components, ensuring superior strength. Holes are punched through the full height of each upright column, allowing us to adjust heights if needed. Cantilever is built for the toughest and most rugged industrial applications, and is connected with high-strength structural steel nuts and bolts. 


Cantilever is adaptable to a wide variety of storage needs and units can be outfitted with straight or inclined arms with optional arm and base stopper pins. This means Cantilever can be releveled and adjusted. All configurations can be designed either single or double sided facing. 

4) Cantilever Is A Great Storage Option For Maximizing Your Warehouse Space


Due to its narrow design, cantilever is naturally space efficient, making it a perfect choice for those looking to maximize space. 


For those interested in space saving solutions, Cantilever makes a great option, especially when combined with Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) configurations, which dramatically increase floor space. These highly efficient storage system solutions work well together, and can allow you to store more product, although it should be noted that VNA requires the use of specialized equipment. 


5) Cantilever Is Adaptable To Outside Storage With the Addition Of A Canopy/Shed 

That’s right! Cantilever can be adapted for outside storage. Cantilever can be galvanized to survive our harsh Canadian climate. You can even top it all off with a roof to keep your product protected regardless of the season, and your shed can be designed with an angled roof to optimize water run off. All you need is a solid concrete slab able to handle your material weight, and we can design a system suited just for you.


Want to find out more about Cantilever? Or, already know you want some? Come say hello!