Highly suited to awkward sized, bulky or long items including pipes, lumber or rolls of materials. The absence of structural members at the pick face of your operations also allows for condensed storage and very narrow aisle applications too. Racked Out offers various solutions for your best cantilever racking solutions in Canada, regardless of whether it is inside our outside.

Our cantilever racking solutions are remarkably adaptable to the challenge of every storage facility – changing situations and inventory offering. Racked Out offers the best from Cogan in cantilever racking, known in the industry to build racking to the most stringent standards and being highly innovative.

We offer the following cantilever racking solutions to our Canadian customers:

Structural Cantilever Racking

Structural cantilever racking is what you need for handling medium- to extra heavy-duty loads. Ideal for storing short, long or awkwardly-shaped items, our cantilever racking features a special arm system designed for easy front loading without obstruction. Structural steel components guarantee superior strength. Punched holes run the full height of each column upright, providing excellent adaptability and versatility for all of your storage requirements. Built for the toughest industrial applications, all connections use high-strength structural grade bolts.

Adaptable to every unique storage need, these cantilever racking units can be outfitted with straight or inclined arms with optional arm and base stopper pins. All solutions are available in single or double-sided facings. There are two types of columns to chose from as well.

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Cantilever Racking

You can maximize your floor space and storage area with Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Cantilever Racking. This highly efficient storage system uses as little as half the standard aisle width which nearly doubles your warehouse storage abilities. The VNA system works with specialize equipment such as the Aisle Master articulating forklift or other side-loader fork trucks.

Our Cogan VNA cantilever racking solutions offer all the same benefits as their structural cantilever racking products along with added aisle guide rails and end-of-aisle guardrails.

L or T Shed Cantilever Racking

Perfect to protect your outdoor storage from harsh weather regardless of the season. Featuring an angled roof design that allows water to drain off and shields your valuable inventory from snow, ice and sun damage. Reduce your risks of loss from weather-damage shrink.

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