Cages and Partitions

Racked Out offers Cogan wire partitions & fencing to create secure areas in your facility. These are solutions that are built for maximum durability that create practical work or storage space exactly where you need it. The all-steel construction requires no maintenance and are designed for around-the-clock use and abuse. No matter if you choose from standard configurations or need a custom solutions, we will save you time and money. Connect with the Racked Out team and together we will find the solution that is perfect for your particular needs.

Available Options and Configurations

  • Original Wire Mesh Partitions
  • Sheet Metal Partitions (Private)
  • Sheet Metal and Lexan Partitions (Semi-Private / Secure)
  • Drug and Evidence Storage Cages (Tamper Proof / DEA and Health Canada Approved)
  • Robotic Machine Guarding Partitions
  • Wire Mesh Rack Guards (Employee Safety)
  • Rack Gates

Download Our Partition & Fencing Systems Brochure