This type of racking system offers more storage than selective racking systems. And not only is density greatly increased so are the number of pick faces available while operators still enjoy a low cost-per-pallet.

How it Works

  • Racking structure is configured to hold between two and four pallets
  • Can be setup as single- or double-entry systems
  • Increases storage considerably over selective racking by reducing aisles
  • Requires modified or specialized fork lift / reach trucks

The Good

  • Increased storage capacity up to two pallets deep
  • Best for multiple pallets in the same product grouping (SKU)
  • Less aisles means more pallets with direct access to 50% of all stock
  • Clear visibility of available stock for improved inventory control


  • Requires the use of specialized reach trucks or modified fork lifts
  • Outriggers on reach trucks can be a cause of rack damage requiring additional protectors
  • Lower product accessibility per SKU
  • Restricted to Last-In-First-Out inventory planning
  • Not recommended for short-shelf-life or perishables

Our Solutions

Racked Out can create a drive-in racking solution perfect for your needs. Designing a custom solution takes into account products stored, stock rotation, gross floor area, safety and operational considerations.