Reasons To Consider Racking Reassessments

If you’ve got a warehouse, chances are you’ve put a racking system in it. It’s no small feat, either, but it’s certainly a crucial step in your production pipeline. That racking system is responsible for a lot! 


  • It must your product
  • It must be resilient and/or protected from damage, weight and daily wear and tear 
  • It must have simple, intuitive and seamless integration for maximum efficiency
  • It must be well constructed and properly installed
  • It must be adaptable for your company’s unique and changing needs. 


Did that last point throw you for a loop? I mean, bolted, bespoke steel rack might not sound very adaptable, right?  Fun Fact: It is!

That’s because your racking system doesn’t need to be designed to be fixed or stagnant. Quite the opposite.

A healthy racking system is a racking system that is regularly reviewed and reassessed for peak efficiency and productivity. Trouble is, most people may not know exactly when they should be reassessing their racking system, or what exactly they should be considering when they do.

You’re in luck! Today we are breaking down some factors that indicate you should take a second look at your Racking system, and what upgrades and revisions might be necessary for each scenario.

Buckle up- we’re getting ready to rack. 


You Don’t Have Weight Capacity Signs

Blue racking shelving in a warehouse.


Yep. Weight capacity signs are more than just a good idea. Weight capacity is a serious issue in your racking system. You should know the maximum amount of weight your system can store to reduce the risk of load bearing damage.

If you don’t have weight capacity signs, you may want to get a team in to confirm the maximum weights and get them listed on your system visually.

Think about the alternative- one pallet too many placed on a rack under too much pressure could cause a dangerous warehouse disaster costing your product, your system, or worse yet- your personnelle. 


You Don’t Have Any Stamped Engineering Documents Certifying Your Racking 

Employee reviewing plans in a warehouse.


That’s right- you need that! Racking system requires proof of engineering certification. Much in the same way your racking installation company needs to provide you with fully trained and certified installers for your job, the racking system itself needs to be vouched for by a trained  professional.

If you have the proper certification for your system- Great! Keeping both hard copy and digital records of this will be beneficial for you and your company (especially in the event of an unannounced Warehouse Inspection!).

If you can’t locate (or don’t have) a certification document stamped by the required parties, then this may be the perfect time to call a Racking Installation company. They can perform the required inspections, offer the proper consultations needed, and/or get you the properly certified paperwork you need. 


Your Racking System Hasn’t Been Inspected

Employee reviewing a racking system.

Yep. Add this to your calendar with a recurrent reminder: You need to do this regularly.  If your racking system hasn’t been inspected in at least ten years then you may want to consider calling your friendly, neighbourhood racking company to come in and give you an inspection. This will ensure your system is operating properly, is at no undue risk of damage, and when it might need repair or replacement in future. 

You Have Damaged Rack Or Suspect Risk To Your Racking System 

A keyboard with risk management written on it.

Not all damage is visible, but a professional trained in racking system inspection, install, repair and replacement will be able to assess key factors that can play a major role in the longevity of your system. This may include areas of your racking that are at increased risk of damage, capacity overload, in need of repair or replacement. They may even be able to provide consultations and suggestions for protection, proactive maintenance, or safety upgrades.

You Don’t Remember Your Last PSR

Two employees reviewing a racking system.

Every time you augment your racking system, you’ll need to get a Pre-Start Safety Review. These reviews are mandatory for safety and warehouse protection, but they are also a great way to confirm your compliance with OHSA (Ontario Health and Safety Act) in the event of a warehouse safety inspection. 

You Are Considering Warehouse Releveling, Relocation A large racking system in a warehouse.


Business is constantly changing to create optimal efficiency. Warehouses are no different. There are countless diverse reasons to augment your racking system. Perhaps a shift in supplies, products or shipment schedules means your system would be more accessible with releveling. Perhaps your warehouse is changing locations, and your system needs to be torn down, moved, and rebuilt somewhere else.

These are perfect times to call in experts and re-evaluate your entire system. What is working? What isn’t? Can your workflow be improved with a newer system? Can a VNA maximize floor space at your new location? You’ll need a PSR anyway, so why not add a system upgrade  as well? 


You Are Considering A Warehouse Racking System Revamp, Upgrade or Alteration
Employees checking out warehouse racking.


There are a million unique reasons to consider a system upgrade. Perhaps you want to increase warehouse surface area without relocating?  Well a mezzanine could create the perfect solution! What about moving your warehouse to partial or full automation? Perhaps you’d like to sell-back some of your existing racking and upgrade it to your newer system, or reduce your consumption of steel by converting to VNA?

Regardless of your goals – all situations above will require changes to your racking system. Calling in an expert to assist in evaluating your needs will increase the likelihood of getting the perfect bespoke solution for your warehouse. 

Your Warehouse Feels Ineffective, Inefficient, Scattered Or Disorganized 

Employees checking out warehouse shelving.

Maybe your warehouse is fairly new, with a recently updated system. Yet the workflow process feels slow, the layout and design do not seem intuitive, and the system in general feels less effective or inefficient? There are specialized teams trained to assess the most efficient warehouse designs and layouts. These experts can access your Warehouse holistically, and see your racking structure as a vital part of your workflow process. They may be able to suggest the best practices for the safest, and most efficiently functional designs for your needs. 


Interested In Finding Out More? 


We bet you are! We’re a company with years’ of combined experience in creating perfect custom solutions for any size of project, and any style of racking system. Come say hello today! 


5 Reason Why You Want A Long-Term-Relationship With Your Racking Installation Company 


One of the largest misconceptions about a warehouse racking system is that it is a stagnant, fixed framework- a simple set of steel units that hold product and nothing more. 


This could not be farther from the truth.

The truth is, a warehouse, and it’s racking system are a complex, evolving ecosystem that create a symbiotic relationship with your product and production pipeline. Every aspect of your warehouse – from the labelling system, to the type and style of racking, to the design of integrated racking systems, affects the way your product moves through your company and ultimately, affects your bottom line.

When you are building a Warehouse system, it may be tempting to select a racking system, hire a one-off company to install it and then never think of it again. Yet, there is a strong case to establish a long-term relationship with your racking installation company. 


If you’re surprised to hear that- don’t be! We’ve broken down five major reasons why you might want to keep the number of your racking installation company- they may come in handy for years to come!


1. Original Storage Assessments (Racking Installation Company)

Racking Installation Company Warehouse.

A  Turn-key racking installation company (and we know a good one) will be able to provide a lot more than just racking installation. Using a full turn-key company skilled in all areas of racking production from end-to-end will be able to provide essential services before racking installation even begins. These services include:

Pre-Start Safety Inspections –  A workplace warehouse with installed racking will be required to meet certain industry and province-wide standards for safety. Pre-Start Safety Inspections can ensure you’ll be meeting all requirements well in advance of installation- saving you time and resources. And in return, you get both safety assurance and peace of mind.

Advanced Storage Assessments – Discuss your warehouse’s unique needs in respect to your product and pipeline with your racking company. Your company may be able to provide suggestions for integrated designs, racking styles that could optimize your production pipeline, and ways to maximize your space, or save on your consumption of steel.


Advanced Safety Suggestions – Nothing is more important than safety. Yet, when designing and constructing the perfect racking system for your company, safety may not be the first thing on your mind. In fact, an experienced racking installation company will be able to assist you in designing, and installing the safest and most efficient racking system necessary for your warehouse’s needs. What’s’ more, they can suggest safety features that can protect your racking system, your warehouse facility, the pallets and the products they store, and most importantly- your staff. 


2. Bonafide Trust In Services

Trust button with dial on the side.

When you are working with an experienced racking company, you are getting highly focused and specialized experts in the field. Building a long standing relationship with these service providers means creating long-term trust in their services. The company that helps you design, layout, install and protect your warehouse racking has a vested interest in it’s long term performance. Unless the company who installed your racking system failed to do a safe and effective job, keeping them in your rolodex for future is a great idea- as they will already know your company, your product and your warehouse. 


3. Maintenance And Replacement Are Known Quantities

A series of gears with quality improvement on it.

The racking company that installs your system will understand your warehouse, your product, and your ultimate end goal: creating the best racking system for your needs. Yet, even the most well built system will require maintenance and replacement from time to time.

Again- this is where a long-standing relationship with an established racking company is helpful. Your racking company will know your product, the system you are using, the needs of your company and warehouse, and the type of replacements and maintenance that may be needed over time.

What’s more, as with many established company relationships, you will already have a sense of the team you’ll be working with, their rates, and the quality of their work. If you like the company who installed your warehouse racking, then chances are you’ll enjoy the work they do when they come in to upgrade and replace your system. 


4. They Know Your Business And Your Product 

Two racking employee working in a warehouse


It should not be understated that a strong relationship with your racking company will pay dividends over time. As your business grows, evolves and changes, your warehouse and it’s racking needs change. A racking team with long-term knowledge of your company will know the system you are using. The benefit here is that they may be able to suggest alternative solutions pre-emptively, such as a replacement or repair, before any detrimental effects occur. They may also be the first people you’re able to call for any assistance you may need. Thinking of re-leveling, but not sure what the most efficient strategy is? Unsure if your product really needs galvanized racking? You can contact your established racking company before reaching out to someone new, and feel assured that they are invested in maintaining your best interest, not just following a new sale. 

5. Cost And Negotiation Are Already Established

Construction with the text "COST" on top of the structure.

It’s always a good idea to know the standard rates for the services you need. Working long-term with a company allows you to get a sense of the rate for quality work. If you are happy with the job your installation team did, at the rate they worked at, you should feel confident that the cost-for-labor exchange has been fair. Long-established industry relationships can pay dividends in this capacity too. You may be able to create long-term warehouse care plans such as maintenance and repair rotations, establishing annual safety-inspections, or regular re-levelling services at a preferred rate, when booking in advance.


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