A packaging company’s recent acceleration of growth led to their investment in a brand new warehouse. Prior to moving in, they consulted the team at Racked Out to help design and build the storage solutions that would help them achieve better efficiency.

The customer asked for a high-density solution while keeping costs down. Our team worked with the client to identify the ideal solution – double-deep racking with the use of a reach-truck.

Double-deep racking with reach-truck aisles (108′-120″) increases storage capacity while still providing flexibility. This solution is best for customers who have at least two skids of the same product and true FIFO isn’t required.

Not only did the company find that the solution met their needs perfectly, but the choice to proceed with double-deep racking meant that they could save costs over other high-density options like push back or pallet flow.

Racked Out offers a vast collection of warehouse racking solutions and can work with your team to determine the best solution for your products and workflow. Want to consult our experts for your upcoming project? Contact us.