What Is Warehouse Pallet Racking?


Warehouse Pallet racking is one of the most simple, yet most effective, storage solutions in the world of warehousing. Racking allows you to use your warehouse space more efficiently, by utilizing your vertical height to store your goods.

Warehouse pallet racking systems are a key feature of distribution centers and industrial warehouses. While it might be easy to assume that racking systems, once set up, are never to be touched again after installation, the reality is more complex. Racking systems are part of an elaborate ecosystem, that is your warehouse. The path a product takes from the moment it enters a facility, to the time it leaves, is impacted by the style, configuration, and organizational flow of your racking system.

Racking comes in a variety of configurations, styles, and layouts, and can (and should!) be specifically designed for your goods and products. Need an automated rolling rack to move products with streamlined efficiency? Need a galvanized rack that can withstand moisture and temperature difference? There is a racking system for every type of need.

While they typically function within a warehouse or industrial setting, pallet racking has a wider variety of uses, and isn’t limited to warehouses or pallets. There are a number of other capacities that you can find racking in. As an example, consider grocery stores where the product is stored on shelves in isles. These shelves are a type of racking. Large volume stores like Costco, also utilize pallet racking for their products. Automated packing centers, distribution centers, and manufacturing depots also employ a variety of pallet racking systems to organize their product.

Racking systems can even work in your own home. Think storing tires, emergency supplies, or long-term storage for your garage – all of these items could be stored safely with a well constructed and long-lasting racking system.

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