You can maximize your floor space and storage area with Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Cantilever Racking. This highly efficient storage system uses as little as half the standard aisle width which nearly doubles your warehouse storage abilities. The VNA system works with specialize equipment such as the Aisle Master articulating forklift or other side-loader fork trucks and is ideal for facilities that need to offer more inventory or are growing in through-put operations.



Our VNA cantilever racking solutions are manufactured by Cogan and offer all the same benefits as their structural cantilever racking products along with added aisle guide rails and end-of-aisle guardrails. These added features help guide narrow aisle equipment and aid in picking precision while reducing material damage risk and costs.

Construction and Guide Rails

Constructed of structural angle steel, the guide rail installation on the VNA product can be setup in one of two ways:

  • it can be inserted into the base of each unit (dependent installation);
  • it can be anchored directly to the floor (independent installation).

Either guide-rail solutions is custom fit and welded on-site for to create a solid, precise continuous rail, levelled to your specific forklift fleet. End-of-aisle guardrails are also welded with either type of installation in order to protect the entrance of each aisle and allow operators to handle corners smoothly.

  • Optional upper reinforcement arms can also be ordered and installed, a great stability and safety feature for very high system.

Start Planing Your VNA Cantilever Racking Solution

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