Rack Protection

All our storage facility protectors and guards are made of solid steel without impinging on important operation areas like pick points and aisle flow.

Avoid costly downtime and prevent collision damage with Cogan’s line of rack protection products. The all-steel construction provides 24/7 protection to guard your investment without interrupting aisle flow patterns or limiting access to your pick area. Shield critical rack supports and prevent dangerous pallet spills. Your workers are kept and your property secure.

Cogan rack protection products are the perfect safeguard for rack posts, rack-aisle ends, back-of-racking, inventory areas and pick aisles. Compact and space-efficient, rack protection products can also be used for high-density storage applications. Prevent narrow-aisle fork trucks, lifts and order pickers from coming into contact with sensitive rack uprights.

  • Post Protectors
  • Rack Aisle Protectors
  • Wire Mesh Rack Guards
  • Floor Angle Guides