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They work equally well protecting mezzanines, offices, walls, heating and cooling equipment, electrical panels, and computer control centers. You can count on Racked Out and Cogan guardrail to direct traffic in your warehouse and increase safety, efficiency and productivity.

Promote a safe and efficient work environment with Cogan heavy-duty guardrail barriers. With over 11% of forklifts in the United States involved in some kind of accident each year, the potential for collision damage and occupational injuries is extremely high. Avoid costly downtime and unnecessary repairs. Our guardrail barriers control, define and protect important areas in your warehouse.

Protect Your People and Equipment

Install a heavy-duty guardrail barrier system and create a protective wall of steel between your workers and your equipment. It’s the trouble-free solution to your peace of mind. Built from the best quality materials, our guardrail barriers are strong, adaptable and – when properly installed – engineered to withstand a 10,000-lb impact at 4 mph. That means the people and equipment on your shop floor will remain protected from traffic accidents and other hazards. Use heavy-duty guardrail to safeguard conveyor systems, manufacturing equipment, electrical panels, computer stations, staircases and walkways, in-plant offices, first aid and restroom areas, or anywhere else crash protection is required.


Cogan heavy-duty guardrail barriers are available in a variety of lengths with single and double-rail options. Custom lengths are also available. Choose either standard rails or easy-to-remove lift-out rails that slip into specially designed “saddles” attached to each column. All heavy-duty guardrails are sealed in a safety yellow powder-coated paint finish for maximum visibility.

Heavy Duty Rails

Double Guardrail- The standard 44”column is made of steel and is designed to support two parallel guardrails. Each column is equivalent to 5” x 5” x 1/8” thick and has 4 punched holes with a diameter of 3/4” on each side. The column is secured at the top with a customized plastic black cap and is welded to a 10” x10” x 1/2” baseplate consisting of 4 evenly spaced 3/4” diameter hole at each corner. The columns are powder-coated Safety Yellow and weighs a total of 45 lbs. Single Guardrail- The 18” single guardrail column is punched with 2 holes with a diameter of 3/4“on each side. Each column weighs a total of 27 lbs. When properly installed-engineered to withstand a 10, 000-lb impact at 4mph.

Heavy Duty Columns

The guardrail is made of roll-formed 13-gauge structural steel and is fabricated at various length ranging from 19” to 115”. The length can also be adjusted and customized according to a specified design. The durability of the steel meets the requirements indicated by the ASTM A1011 Grade 45. The rails are sized for the following center- to-center dimensions: 12”, 24”, 36”, 48”, 60”, 72”, 8”, 96”, 108” or 120”. The rails are powder-coated with safety yellow and oven cured. When properly installed-engineered to withstand a 10, 000-lb impact at 4mph.

Heavy Duty Lift-out Brackets

The lift out brackets are used to allow the rails to be lifted out rather than being bolted to the posts. The lift out brackets are sold in pairs one for the right of the guardrail and one for the left. The brackets are attached to the column using 5/16”Ø x 5 1/2” carriage bolt with washer and “T’ nut.

Start Protecting Your Assets

Can your storage facility benefit from better traffic control and pedestrian protection? Contact Racked Out for more information or to discuss your specific needs.

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