The shed system is an effective way of utilizing outdoor space while carefully storing material goods in a safe and efficient way. A steel deck roof provides adequate protection for materials against snow, ice, rain and sun damage. The roof angle design allows rain to flow down easily and shields against harsh weather conditions.

The system, including the column, roof arms, and rack arms, are typically painted but can have a galvanized finish to provide optimal corrosion resistance. Local weather conditions can be as varied as to your storage needs and therefore our cantilever roofs are always custom-manufactured by Cogan for the specific system.

The T shed is a double sided column with the roof extruding on both sides. The T-Shed is optimal for lumber yards. It allows for the easy storage of wood beams, plywood and any type of building materials. Items are clearly sorted and kept off the ground for fast access and inventory control. Protection from the elements means material will not warp or deteriorate from harsh weather conditions. Also available as an L Shed Configuration.

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