Consultation, Planning, AutoCad Design, Installation, Condensing, Relocation and Repair

Racked Out offers storage solutions to distribution and warehouse facilities including a range of racking products, related safety equipment and repair and relocation services.  We can help you stock-up an empty warehouse to maximize your floor space through to rethinking the layout of your racking right down to clearing out and moving you to a new space.  For times when there are repairs to be made, we offer turn key service to get you back to full operations safely and quickly.

Racking Installation Services

  • New warehouse and storage facility layouts;
  • Condensing and maximizing layout efficiency;
  • Converting part or all of your operation to very narrow aisle layouts;
  • Develop site plans and consult on best work-flow operations;
  • Relocation services;
  • Rack replacement tear down and erection services;
  • Safety equipment consulting and installations;
  • Rapid repair services for racking structural issues, overload and collision damage;
  • Execute and arrange required pre-start inspections.

Racked Out is your expert in developing warehouse site plans that will deliver the most value in efficient floor space usage and cost-savings to your bottom line. All our racking is backed by industry standards with stamped engineered drawings.

Your Certified and Insured Partner

Our team is fully insured and in good standing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).  We carry current certifications in:

  • Fork lift and Reach truck
  • Aerial Platform Operations
  • Fall Arrest

Racking Tear-down – Move – Rebuild – Certify

Markets change quickly and constantly. Racked Out will help you keep pace with growth, condensing or relocation to larger or smaller facilities. Whatever you need to stay on edge.

Moving to a bigger location? Racked Out will tear down your current racking system, relocate and assemble it and conduct your pre-start safety inspection. We have nation-wide shipping services for cost-effective transportation.

Pre-start Safety Reviews (PSR)

Every installation, move or repair requires a Pre-start Health and Safety Review (PSR). Mandated by the Ontario Ministry of Labour, it ensures your storage solution is safe for workers. It’s the law.

Rack Maintenance Programs

Wear and tear happens. Avoid expensive downtime and accidents: Racked Out will create and perform a maintenance and inspection program tailored to you.

Damage Repair / Component Replacement

Bad days happen. And if that means damaged racking components, Racked Out will fix them quickly with our turn key expert repair services.

We repair posts, slats and frames damaged by time, forklift operator error, load shifts or accidental over loading.

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Facility Safety Systems

Reduce damage and protect staff with our various safety systems including post protectors and guard rails. Racked Out can train on loading technique and understanding load ratings.