Tenant Econo-Fence and Safe Guard Wire Mesh Lockers

Racked Out’s selection of storage lockers all boast heavy-duty wire mesh construction that requires no maintenance and are wear-resistant. They go together quickly and easily with just simple hand tools saving you money on hard-core installation costs and getting your facility up and running. Our lockers promote better security and health by ensuring your property is always in view and letting air circulate, allowing wet gear to properly dry and generally preventing odours. Keep your stuff safe, in sight and in top condition.

The Perfect Locker Solution

We offer Cogan wire mesh lockers which are highly adaptable and will meet your needs from storing special equipment to taking the traffic of everyday use. Their locker product is durable and with multiple purposes and easy installation can turn any space into a secure storage area. Cogan Econo-Fence and Safe Guard wire mesh lockers are ideal for:

  • Tenant Lockers
  • Warehouse Equipment or High-value Inventory Lockers
  • Dormitory Lockers
  • Camp, Oil Patch or Military Equipment Lockers

Available Locker Configurations

Our Lockers are available in the following configurations:

  • Single Tier Tenant Storage Lockers
  • Double Tier Tenant Storage Lockers
  • Handing Tenant Storage Lockers
  • Sheet Metal Private Storage Lockers
  • Industrial Storage Lockers
  • TA-50 Gear Lockers