ALB Lockers

Racked Out supplies an extensive line of lockers. We carry unlimited and all-inclusive selections of Canadian manufactured lockers for an array of storage applications. Lockers are all welded no bolt construction with smooth edges free from dangerous burrs.

  • school lockers
  • gym lockers
  • employee lockers
  • storage
  • metal
  • industrial storage cabinets

Our supplier, ALB PLUS is a metal office furniture manufacturer, based in Montreal, Canada, that was founded on the belief that there is value and a sense of accomplishment in manufacturing products made in Canada. Their goal is to build long term business relations with customers by offering them more value than they expect to receive.

Material: ASTM – A366: Specifications for Steel.
Door Frame: The frame strength is equivalent in thickness to a (no 16 MSG) steel sheet.
Tops: 22ga. Sides: 24ga. Back: 24ga. Shelf: 22ga.
Bottoms: 22ga. The bottom is made from continuous process galvanized steel, sloped and perforated for draining.
Coat hooks: Single tier lockers are equipped with three (3) 14ga. single-prong hooks or two (2) single prong hooks in the case of double tier. They are securely spot-welded to the body.
Door: The door is flush-fitted into the frame. It is full length double wall and securely welded. Outside door panel is 20ga. and inner door panel is 24ga.
Door Handle: The handle, made from stainless steel is flush fitted into each door and helps quiet the door closing with its retention finger.
Ventilation: Top and bottom of door.
Hinges: 5 knuckle 14ga.
Number plates optional: Black aluminum plates are numbered with laser engraved numbers.
Bumpers: Polyethylene bumpers are riveted to the top and the bottom of the locker door.
Trim accessories for all units: Recessed bases and sloped tops.
Surface finish: The surface is suitably prepared for application of the paint coating. The steel is corrosion-treated by means of phosphate processing.

We use high quality baked enamel after applying a phosphate coating for better adhesion.

View our brochure of ALB Plus (PDF)