For your dispatch, loading dock or customer pick-up areas. Racked Out can help you choose the best picking system for one or more areas of your warehouse operation. Here are some of the more common options:

Carton Flow Racking

  • Angled flow deck downward to the pick face
  • Maximized efficiency as product is always within reach
  • Perfect separation between picking operation and replenishment
  • Variations in roller construction to best suit budget, operation and maintenance needs
  • Best suited for order picking or manufacturing operations with high through-put
  • Variety of available options and accessories

Pick Decks

  • Allows workers to safely access the back of a pallet with zero reach-in
  • Better ergonomic solution reducing injury claims and employee leave

Our Solutions

We can create the perfect picking system for your warehouse or plant geared to necessary speed and maximum employee safety. Contact us for a discussion and free quote.