Well suited to a warehouse operation looking to maximize storage space and create a very high density storage plan. In combination with solid warehouse management, Push Back Racking Systems can be an economical and efficient strategy.

How it Works

  • Racks are constructed on a gentle slope upward from the pick face
  • Pallets rest on a cart system so as new pallets are added those already in are pushed back further
  • As existing stock is pushed back the next cart in the system is available to receive
  • Can be made up to six lanes deep with interlocking systems to deter jamming

The Good

  • Extremely high density storage system
  • Pick faces are always full and no special equipment is needed
  • Well suited to Last-in-First-Out or First-In-First-Out if oldest lanes empty first
  • Same density as Drive In Systems with more pick faces for improved stock access
  • No need to drive into storage lanes means fork trucks stay in the main aisle reducing damage risk
  • Less complexity and honey combing than Drive In Systems
  • Increased efficiency and cost-savings due to reduced access times and handling of stock

Challenges to Overcome

  • Must be structured to anticipate / accommodate varying operating loads
  • Requires ongoing inspection and maintenance to ensure on-going reliable operation
  • Needs strong warehouse management depending on rotation practices to plan slotting properly

Our Solutions

Racked Out can specify a variation of lane depths for your Push Back Racking System, typically from three to six lanes deep.