Racked Out can help you increase your manufacturing and storage capacity fast, without expensive renovations. How? With a Cogan structural steel mezzanine. Whether you need a little or a lot more floor space, Racked Out and Cogan have the perfect mezzanine solution to fit your needs, timing and budget. All Cogan mezzanines are engineered with your business in mind. Intelligently built, the modular components easily adapt to your evolving needs, providing the added value, flexibility and functionality you need in fast-changing times.

Fully Engineered Mezzanines

The promise of a stress-free experience is built into every Cogan mezzanine system we design. Faster than you ever imagined possible, we can build an industrial strength mezzanine around the existing layout of your facility, matching its exact height, area and load requirements.

Every mezzanine project is custom engineered from design loads and bracing to approval and city permits and inspection. The Racked Out team will ensure your mezzanine project is a smooth installation and is engineered for your specific requirements.

Modular Construction

Cogan mezzanines are expertly configured from modular components. This ensures your mezzanine can be engineered, constructed and in operation as fast as possible.

Flooring Options

  • Resin Board
  • Corrugated Decking
  • Open Bar Grating
  • Open Steel Planking
  • Dimond Grip Flooring
  • Concrete slab (4″)

Staircase Options

  • Four different models available, just contact Racked Out
  • Anti-slip bar grating or dimpled treads in standard widths
  • Straight, L-shape or U-shape staircase configurations
  • Available staircase towers for multiple-tier mezzanines
  • Self-closing safety and pivot gates
  • Double staircases
  • Ramps

Handrail Options

  • 2-rail
  • 3-rail
  • Wire-mesh enclosed
    All handrails are standard 42″ heights

Gating Options

  • Single and double swing gates
  • Sliding gate
  • Lift-out safety gates
  • Safety pivot gates


  • Standard ladders with or without safety cages
  • Self-closing safety gates

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