I’ve been in thousands of warehouse storage facilities, and the one thing that stands out is the lack of pallet rack protection. I’m not quite sure why or how a storage facility can go without this vital component of the overall warehouse operation. Wherever there are humans and forklifts, well you fill in the blank. Perhaps its oversight, maybe it’s budgetary constraints, but one thing is for sure; damage will be done to your pallet rack investment. I strongly recommend that your pallet racking and people have the safest environment to in. Yes, your pallet racking system is working for you, so protect it.

Cogan is a well established manufacturer warehouse storage products, and more importantly, Pallet Rack Protection products. The Cogan line of pallet rack protection products includes;

  • Rack Aisle Protectors
  • Rack Post Protectors
  • Wire Mesh Rack Guards
  • Floor Angle Guide

Cogan pallet rack protection products are manufactured of all-steel construction. They are easily installed and provide 24/7 protection to your valuable investments.

Rack aisle protectors shield vulnerable rack aisle ends from everyday warehouse traffic and forklift abuse. They come in two profiles; Wrap Around Rack Pal and Tapered Rack Pal.

Rack Aisle Protector

Rack Post Protectors are an easy to install and cost effective method to protect vulnerable racking uprights. I remind that it only takes a single damaged rack post to compromise the entire structural integrity of the pallet rack system.

Rack Post Protectors

Wire mesh rack guards provide a rugged barrier between stored product on pallet racking and employees in the picking aisles below. These rigid and durable rack guards bolt directly to the pallet uprights.

Wire Mesh Rack Guards

Floor angle guides are a strong and versatile protection that keeps traffic away from critical pallet rack supports. The guides are a continuous protection barrier. They are low to the floor and very easy to install. The are especially effective around very narrow aisle racking (VNA) structures where VNAforklifts come very close to the structures on either side.

rack protection - floor angle guides
Floor Angle Guides