Anyone who works in the construction or warehousing industries knows the depth of nuances that go into the work. The orchestrated balance of project management, staff coordination, material ordering and handling, market evaluation, job competition- the list goes on. There are a variety of good business habits that can be found in different industries.

For many who work in industries requiring warehousing, the planning and creating of efficient and effective warehouses is a detailed and organized feat that requires careful execution.

An organized warehouse is one of the greatest gifts of resource efficiency you can give your company. As racking systems specialists, trained to work with any racking system, Racked Out understands the importance of warehouse management to your company.


 That’s why today, we are sharing some of the habits of highly effective racking companies, companies that produce exceptional racking systems and keep their customers happy.

1. They Produce Quality Work
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First thing is first- great racking companies make great racking systems. They understand the systems needed for your business. At the end of their contract, you have a racking system that is properly and safely constructed, functioning correctly and doing its job in the best way possible.

                                    In short: They get the job done. And they get it done right. 


2. They Offer Incredible Customer Service
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Although we imagine it goes without saying, it is worth repeating: Service sells. Quality service, and by that we mean service which is timely, efficient, communicative, effective and positively responsive is not just a “nice to have” from a racking company- it is mandatory.

In short: A good racking company will put service at the pinnacle of their performance, right beside craftsmanship.

3. They Are Utilizing Their Social Media
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Social media is at the forefront of most people’s social lives these days, especially while physical and social distancing is in place. Yet, social media is one of the most effective ways to build your brand, establish connections and even shape your industry.

A company putting time and resources into social media is saying several things:

  1. They are digitally literate as a company

  2. They see value in connecting with audiences in social media spaces


It’s important to look at how a racking company is using their social media. A quality racking company will be mixing their social media output with a blend of content, including valuable industry insights. The main take-away here, is that social media should be used to build your brand alongside industry thought-leadership.

In short: They use their social media presence to build their brand, their relationships and industry knowledge along with promotion. 


 4. They Promote Healthy Long Term Relationships With Their Clients
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A quality racking company doesn’t just build a system for a client and disappear. The fact is, a warehouse racking system doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s an ever-changing, evolving system that moves and develops alongside your company’s ever changing needs.

An effective racking company will reach out to you and work to maintain a long term relationship with your company. They will be happy to offer suggestions for ways your current system can adapt to better meet your company’s needs. Long-term goals like maintenance and repair, releveling, tear-down and relocation, and on-going safety assessments are all services a quality racking company will be happy to provide long after their initial installation is complete.

In short: A racking company that wants to keep working with you is a racking company worth keeping.

 5.  They Value Their Staff
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Good companies keep good staff and have good business habits. That’s because they understand that retaining quality talent pays dividends. Good staff mean strong work ethic, quality craftsmanship, diligent adherence to safety, and great customer service. A company is only as good as the staff they employ.

While high turn-over may not be cause for immediate concern with a racking company, a company with a history of strong talent retention is often a sign of quality work, and trusted services.

In short- Good team? Good company. 


6. They Generate High Value, Industry Relevant Content
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Remember when we talked about social media? It’s one of the most common ways to spread industry knowledge these days. But whether you are using a blog or newsletter, a paper brochure, or hosting a webinar, the fact remains the same: To be a leader, you must lead.

In the racking industry, good companies are looking to spread the word of their leadership, be it by innovation or accomplishment. Often companies are compelled to keep their “industry secrets” to themselves, but effective racking companies transgress this concept. A strongly competitive company wants others in their industry to know about their success, their innovations, and the quality of their work- as it sets the highest industry standards.

In short: A company providing relevant industry thought leadership is a company fashioning themselves as experts in their field. And you want to work with experts. 


7. They Are Constantly Looking For Ways To Advance The Industry
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A quality racking company isn’t satisfied doing just what is working- they want to do better. A company that is actively investigating new systems, learning and keeping on top of industry trends, and able to step into complicated situations and provide creative solutions, is a company bound for success.

Look for a company that is pushing the boundaries in the industry, and provides creative solutions to problems- this is a company that values growth and adaptability.


In short: A good racking company sees problems, and immediately begins thinking of unique solutions. 

8. They Put Their Customers First
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We might be tempted to believe that what matters most to a racking company is profit. It would be an understandable conclusion, but any racking company driven solely by the bottom line is misguided. To use a metaphor- a logging company that cares more about cutting down trees than planting new ones, will soon put itself out of business.

In Short: A good racking company cares about one thing – getting their customers the best racking system for them. That will always be their main priority. 


9. They Promote And Value Industry Connectivity

An effective racking company is intrinsically interested in their industry. What are current steel prices and what does that mean for their clients? What is the newest racking system innovation? Is there a new material on the market that can save time, money or even be more eco-friendly?  A quality racking company values the industry trends, and values connections within that industry. A company attending or hosting an industry event, and looking to strengthen industry connections is a company that can be trusted to lead.

In short: A good company has an active interest in promoting industry relationships and “joining the conversations” of that industry.


Do You Have Good Business Habits to Share?

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