Industrial and commercial shelving make up a very large segment of the material handling and product storage industry. However, warehouse managers don’t realize how functional steel shelving systems can be. These storage shelves

systems come in many configurations and are used in numerous applications. Metalware Corporation, located in Montreal, QC, offer an extensive line of steel shelving products including,

Wide-Span Industrial Shelving

Wide-span shelving can be found in most warehouse storage facilities. These are used for hand loaded and are generally medium to heavy loads. They are ideal for bulk storage of smaller products such as parts, records and product tote bins. Often it is at aisle level and a person picking application storage system. This type of industrial shelving system is usually manually loaded with non-palletized goods. It is used for case or piece picking.

Wide-span industrial shelving is easy to assemble. It comes with many shelving options such as wired, laminated and particle board decking. You could also use plywood decking.

Mezzanines (Catwalk Mezzanines)

Also known as “catwalk mezzanines”, this type of system is designed to expand your requirements for additional shelving storage by building up and maximizing the use of existing floor space. The shelving system is made up of floor channels and cross aisle channels and typically wood flooring.

Catwalk Mezzanine