Mezzanines are the unsung heroes in the warehouse storage world. They offer major benefits to those looking for additional space solutions. They are designed within your existing warehouse facility, creating additional space without the need for relocation.

Racked Out works with Cogan’s Modular systems, which means when you work with us, your mezzanine will have every aspect customized for your needs. Let’s break that down. Or should we say, build it up!


Mezzanine systems in a warehouse.


Mezzanines Systems Increase Storage Without Changing The Floorspace Of Your Existing Facility


Mezzanine systems create additional surface area without requiring foundational changes to your existing facility. Additional space is created by installing a new level within your warehouse, maximizes surface area without expanding the ground floor.

With the rising cost of warehousing space, a mezzanine is a great way to maximize your storage in your current location!


Mezzanine systems being assembled in a warehouse.


Mezzanines Are Cost-Effective And Fast


Anyone with a busy warehouse knows that a booming business is great. Yet busier may mean that your facilities are operating at max capacity, or worse become crowded.

To maximize your growth, you’ll want to keep production humming along. Shutting down productivity to give you time to relocate to a bigger facility may not be a viable option.

Thankfully, mezzanines are cheaper and faster than moving or rebuilding your warehouse. Racked Out works with Cogan’s Modular Mezzanine systems, which can be installed in your current location. You’ll have a trained team maximize your storage in your current warehouse, without tearing down and rebuilding anything.


Cogan Structures And The Racked Out Team Offer End-To-End Convenience


Racked Out works with Cogan, a highly customizable, modular system. These modular components allow for fast configurations and rapid build times, that are designed with your company’s needs in mind.

Racked Out engineers Cogan Mezzanines from the ground up. From design loads, to bracing, to city permits and inspections, every aspect of your mezzanine will be created to your specific needs and handled end-to-end by our team of experts.


Racking warehouse with full shelves.

Mezzanines With Full Customization


Cogan Mezzanines are extremely customizable. You’ll be able to select the features that work best for your teams’ needs at every steps. This includes options for flooring, staircases, handrails, gating and ladders. From top to bottom, you’ll be able to handcraft the perfect mezzanine solution for you. Additionally, modular designs like this allow for faster build times, and are easier to expand when the time comes for additional growth.


Considering A Mezzanine?


We’d love to hear about it! Check out our amazing MEZZANINE BROCHURE! We bet we can find a solution that would be perfect for your warehouses’ needs. Get in touch with us today for all the details.